Painted Table-top

acrylics, Decorative, Design, handpainted, painting, trompe-l'oeil

Faux wood grain, Utah sandstone, and scorpion. Acrylic on wood.



Landscape on Wooden Panels

acrylics, garden, handpainted, handpainted, floor, decorative, design, faux marble, decorative arts, painting,, painting

Painting on hinged wooden panels for a client in Los Altos, California. I photographed the surrounding area of their property and made a this composition with the photos are reference.


Painted Projects

canvas, Design, drawing, handpainted, painting

I used to paint murals many years ago. Want to show the work event though I rarely paint now. Some current projects require hand drown comps and mock-ups.3UPTalbottsPencil sketches for a window painting in a Manhattan retail necktie store. The objective was to use a Magritte painting as a reference. Actual painting is around 6 feet high by 4.5 feet across when stretched on bars.